Just a brief note to introduce ourselves, and one of our most popular church related programs.
I am Dan Simril, General Manager of Foxfire Lanes in Kannapolis. My family and I have owned and operated Foxfire since 1986. Over the years we have had the pleasure of hosting many church groups for both small outings and private lock-ins. Our lock-ins have always had several advantages including an economical price, customization, not to mention that they are rainproof. All this makes booking a lock-in an easy choice, but have you considered how they might be utilized to help your congregation grow?
1) We provide 144 customized tickets for your lock-in party.
2) The youth in your congregation, that want to come, purchase tickets and are given the charge to go out and invite outside friends to purchase tickets to come.
3) The day of the event you or one of your representatives greet, and collect tickets at the door. This is done to associate your church as the host of the event, and not just a bowling thing.
A few details:
The event is an after hours lock-in, with entry for ticket holders (and your chaperons) only.
You provide the music that we play so that you get your event your way.
We recommend starting with regular bowling, then add music, and finally go to our light show for the last hour.
To run this program the church must guarantee a minimum of 40 participants.
Bumper rails and light weight balls are available for small children.
A bowling ramp is also available for those in wheel chairs.
The tickets cover 2 hours of bowling, rental shoes, and fun prizes provided by the center.
A $200 deposit is required at the time the tickets are picked up, the remainder to be paid at the event.
So how does that sound? Instead of scraping up enough people for a lock-in of your own, you have created an atmosphere where outsiders can find out that Christians don't bite. It is an unfortunate truth that many kids today don't, and maybe never have gone to church. Think of it from their perspective, and it is easy to see where they might be intimidated. Doesn't it make sense to introduce your church to them not only on neutral ground, but doing what kids like to do?
This is one program, we have much more to offer. If there is anything we can do for you I hope you will give me a call (704)932-0146, or find us online at FOXFIRELANES.COM
Thank you for your time.

Dan Simril



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