House Tournaments

2nd and 4th Fridays at 6:30pm

Non-League event; come for any or all weeks
One of our most popular fun tournaments with an added Baker Format Game.
Mix or Match Doubles, bowled on our regular house conditions, now with Baker system.
Each game is paid as a side pot: Regular, Bakers, No-Tap, Scotch Doubles and Low Ball.
Set paid 1 per 8. Entry just $60 per team.
For series award the first four games are added together, and Low Ball is subtracted for the total.
FYI: In Bakers, the two bowlers take turns bowling frames of one game score. Scotch Doubles teammates shoot each other's spares. For No-Tap, 9 or 10 both count as a strike; and in Low Ball, the lowest score wins (miss counts as strike or spare).

Non-League weekly event
Mondays at 7pm

Entry fee as little as $25. Includes 4 games and scratch or handicap series.
Handicapping is 90% of 230
The lane condition will be different every week. A combination of Pro and Sport conditions, each presenting it's own challenges give bowlers a chance to test themselves on a tough condition while in real competition without spending a ton of money traveling and paying for tournaments.

The Tough Shots is open to bowlers age 13 and up, with cash prizes for adults, converted to scholarship for youth winners.
This is a great opportunity for those wanting to better their game on tougher conditions. You may have heard the expression, "To be the best, you need to beat the best". This applies to lanes, too. Challenge yourself to improve.
Bonus! After the TSP, participants can practice or pot bowl on the tournament condition for just $1 per game.
Linage and Scribe- $15
Series Pot Scratch or Handicap $10 (min 1 required for entry)
Game Pots(Scratch or Handicap) $10 (covers all 4)
Brackets Scratch or Handicap $5 each
All prize and pot money returned 100%, no house cut
Tournament Director reserves all rights.
Follow our Facebook page for news and oil pattern for the week.

Independent Tournaments Hosted...

(none currently scheduled)



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